On this page, an overview of all the experts that worked on each country profile is provided. In order to keep the overview clear, the experts that worked on each respective country have been sorted by their working affiliation.


Aarhus University
Diana Schendel

Center for Autisme
Lennart Pedersen

Specialområde Autisme
Meta Jørgensen


University of Oulu
Anneli Yliherva
Irma Moilanen 

University of Eastern Finland
Eija Kärnä


Ecole des hautes études en santé publique
William Sherlaw
Kathleen McColl

The Netherlands

King’s College London
Rosa Hoekstra

Maastricht University
Matt Commers


Maastricht University 
Monika Roleska


University of Gothenburg
Eva Hjorne
Shruti Taneja Johansson

United Kingdom

Autism Research Centre
Amber N.V. Ruigrok
Rosemary Holt
Sarah Griffiths

Institute of Public Health
Sebastian Walsh